Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shell house interior begins!

I have begun the interior of the shell house. I spent 8 full hours on secret project yesterday and still had a moment or two to help Pippi get a home.

I painted the outside and the inside. Here's a closeup of the outside.

On the inside all I did was add a layer of shiny silvery to make it more shell like inside. No picture of that.
So then I added floors! Only on one side so far. Playing cards are working out well for flooring. Though I will paper over them I think on the top side. I'm using a mix of Ticoderoga pencils and artsy fartsy pencils for joists. Right now I'm just hot gluing them in place but it has been suggested that I add some sort of epoxy to make them stronger.

Here's the first window going in!

And here's Pippi inside loving that window!

That window was once the outside of a zippo lighter case. I saved it when we bought a bunch of zippos for a show when I was doing props. I always knew my little hoardings would be useful!

The 'glass' is the flat part from a plastic 'dozen of eggs' carton. I might make it more stainglass like by using Gel later. Not sure. I have a bunch of gels leftover from my intense lighting design days.

These playing cards were also a salvage from somewhere. They weren't a complete deck but I saved them from the trash!

I might post pictures from secret project one of these days. Not yet though.

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Oh!! I love it :)

My word is menic. Hmmm.