Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interior of the shell

Shell house madness continues!

Yesterday I got a lot done in the house. Puttering. Things I had to do on the computer. And a lot of shell house fun! Wow, you can really see the shine I added to the inside walls in this photo.

I totally floored the other half of the house, adding pencils and playing cards as floor boards. Then I added the doorway sans door, a stoop, and a few windows on the new side of the house.

I think I decided how I'm going to attach the door. I have to decide how to paint it now though. I don't mind that it's a different color and texture because it's not part of the 'original shell'. It's clearly an addition. But I'm not sure if it should be painted to 'match' or stand out. It will definitely have moss growing over that top awning thing.

The pieces don't line up perfectly, but I think that's ok. I thought yesterday about adding a sort of stylized zipper so you can zip and unzip the house. But on further reflection this morning that seems like a silly idea. I'm just going to leave it as is on that seam.

For at least two of the floors I decided to use some of the redundant and therefore unneeded security envelopes that I had been saving for Sweetie Pie Press. I made a checkboard from three types of envelopes and some catalog scraps I had lying around.

I used the three most 'organic' looking patterns. Most of them are really rigid and geometric. (At least the ones I have access to).

It's fun using an idea from another artist in a new way!

I will now leave you with a sketch of the chimney. Not sure if this is the style I will go with but I like this picture. Part Gaudi, part Larchmont beach. :D

There are a few more pictures from this whole adventure on my flickr set.


steph said...

you're gonna think I'm making this up, but I had a dream about your shell house. It was all solid and filled in and I wondered, "now how is her little creature going to live in there?" ha!

Rosemoo said...

Awesome! I love dreams. They're so weird.

Rose Ann said...

Your usage of "security envelopes" is Awesomeness! Fantastical shell house also.