Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Blues

It seems like today I have the Thursday blues. I might need to force myself outside for at least a few minutes to get some fresh air. I'm so bad about staying inside and getting grumpy. Maybe even if I just sit on the porch or walk around the block...

I fought with Imovie today on my little macbook. I think it hates me.

Can you tell I've got the blues? I'm angry at a computer. Hmmph.

Making progress on the little petri dish that could. Here's the latest installment.

I mostly fought with Imovie because I was trying to make it do a fade through of the petri dishes as a slideshow. It doesn't want to. I'm sure I'll figure out why eventually.

One day I figure it would be a cool 'the making of' sort of movie, showing daily progress to a flourishing petri dish embroidered finish with radiohead playing or something in the background.

Living in dreams.

I remember pieces of my dreams lately. Like flying upwards through skylights in a building, busting through them to land on the top floor, looking up through a hole in the roof. Why would I be able to fall upwards through 5 floors, breaking each skylight/floor window as I went, only to stop before I could fly/fall out of the house?

There's some heavy dream imagery for you.

I finished 'The Witches' today. Well. I started it AND finished it. It's a quick read. Quicker than I remember. I must have lingered over it as a child. It's quite fabulous. And almost too scary for children. Which I guess is why children love Roald Dahl. He has a touch of the dangerous about him that kids adore. Adults too, but kids are always so pandered to that they don't get as much adventure as they want I think.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last night I went to a four hour 'driver certificate course'. It was terribly boring. We watched a horrid little movie called 'Street Smarts'. I think they made it in the early nineties, with the worst possible actors they could find. I was having a hard time not laughing. I tried to find a youtube of it for you but no luck.

And then we got to watch 'Breaking the Accident Chain of Events'. (Sadly it's only a link to a picture of a woman, no youtube either). Also horrid, but at least it didn't pretend to have a plot like the first one.

The ideas were all sound, and I got one of those little 'how to drive' booklets from them to study, but it made me feel 16 or something. I should have gotten this whole drivers license thing out of the way a long time ago.

Ugh. I'm really glad that those four hours of mind numbing classroom car-ness are over. I think it's a great idea to make future drivers take a course, but really, does it have to be awful and boring?

More fun times ahead I promise. I'm gonna go take some anti grumpy sunshine and fresh air.

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