Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Slithy Tove and Etsy shop makeover

Forgive me, I have a disjointed post today. Lots going on in my brain. I put little ----- to clarify when my mind jumped from topic to topic.

This is Slithy Tove. Or S. Tove as I've been calling her. She's available for purchase over at my Etsy Shop. Her link. (Of course she's a reference to The Jabberwocky).

I love her coloring. And those socks were really really comfy, so she's wacky soft and snuggly. She's so darned cute! I don't always fall in love with my creatures but sometimes they just get me. But if I kept them all I'd soon be overrun. As it is I have four or five new permanent residents that I couldn't bear to give away or sell that live on the couch or in the bed. Thankfully I don't have to feed them.

It's fun trying out new forms. This is my first elephant-looking creature. I actually took the pattern and altered it from the 'EofC' (see near bottom of the post) book 23. But there is an online pdf of the pattern information here if you want to play and don't have the luxury of those books.


News! I'm feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning. So to that end:
I have a sale in my etsy shop! 10 dollars or more off every item from 2008!


I'm thinking about doing some small cheap prints of 'Lost Valentine' over at the shop. I did a test one on some cardstock and it turned out lovely. I threw some pink coloring in. Thoughts? Anyone? Or is she too depressing prancing around in her stockings?


Also, I'm considering giving away my extra 'Encyclopedia of Crafts' books. I have around 8 duplicates or so now that I don't really need. I would cut them up for crafting but they're just too cool to mangle. Would anyone be happy with a Monthly craft book/surprise giveaway? Should I do it?


Hopefully I'll tackle the petri dish again today. Slithy really took it out of me last night. I just plunged in and made her start to finish in the afternoon. I can't hand stitch all day and night. Try as I might.


I went and got my New Rochelle library card today. Felt good! It's a great library! I poked at the Larchmont library yesterday and was really dissapointed. I'm glad to see that New Roc has a better, bigger, snugglier library. The kids section is HUGE! I was super impressed. And they had a large art exhibit in the front by big windows.

I had to keep myself from buying a bunch of used .10 books at the friends of the library sale. I don't need worn copies of A Wizard of Earthsea, or moudly hardcovers of The Wind in the Willows, but I wanted them anyway.

I checked out more books than I meant to. I had no idea someone had gone and republished 'The Greene Knowe Chronicles' books. I LOVE these books! Kids running around a huge haunted house, with little to no supervision. Ghosts, adventures in canoes, a big monkey and treasure is just a little of what these books have in store for you! Oh, delicious! And of course, my favorite, they're 1950's British childrens' fiction, which is always fab!

Go read one! Really! Start with The Children of Greene Knowe. It's the first one.

I'm gonna go make a cup of tea and snuggle with mine.


pattihaskins said...

Love your elephant, she is so very cute. Glad you dropped by my blog, hope to "see" you there again and I will likewise visit here, very fun blog with cool work. Nice to "meet" you.

Lady Epiphany said...

Oh that elephant is darling...and glad to hear about the library. Our library here is sad and the people are grouchy.

Lady Epiphany said...

Oh, Lindsay made these comments about S.Tove:

She: "It looks like Wubby but it is not."

Me: "Do you know what it is?"

She: "It is NOT a Wubby."

Me: "Maybe it is an elephant?"

She: "It is LIKE an elephant. But it is not a Wubby."

Rosemoo said...

Awesome! Love that wacky Lindsay! :D

For those who are intrigued. This is a 'wubby'.


Lady Epiphany said...

I am not sure if her name is Wubby or if she is a wubby. This is confusing to me.