Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick? Singing in the Rain

I can't tell if I'm sick yet.

I don't really feel good.

Parts of me feel cold.

Parts of me feel hot.

It's not a good combination.

Good news though, is that I finally got around to watching 'Singing in the Rain'.

Oh man.

That was some sort of awesome movie crack.

I mean. What a movie!!!! Some of the dance numbers actually made me gasp for breath they were so good.

And I definitely clapped, alone in the house, after 'Make Em Laugh'.


At the computer screen!

Hah. It's my humble stage origins. The desire to clap at things brought on by years of theatre with an 're' at the end. Not theater. Theatre.

Some sort of difference there I think.

Anyway. It didn't make me 'unsick' but I definitely loved the movie.

It's not often I watch something and think to myself, "If I watched that twenty more times do you think I could figure that dance out and do it?"

Highly recommended from the little possibly sick woman.

Here's another link of love!

The Moses Supposes Song and Dance

(Of course YouTube doesn't really do this movie justice. I Netflixed it)

I love the Chester Quote.

''Chester chooses chestnuts,
cheddar cheese with chewy chives.
He chews them and he chooses them.
He chooses them and he chews them. . .
. . .those chestnuts, cheddar cheese
and chives in cheery, charming chunks. ''

Too good.

I'm so old fashioned.


Kelda said...

Make Em Laugh is awesome, it is true. And I haven't seen the movie in years, but I still end up with "Moses supposes his toeses are roses" running through my head sometimes.

steph said...

you're adorable. (clapping at computer screen)