Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the shell house continues...

More shell house adventures!

I put on, maybe a zillion layers of paper mache and finally the shell came off the undershell! The top picture is half of it still on the base, and the base itself.

I painted it a base color just to give it some body. It will get better paint soon.

Here's what the removed section looks like on the inside.

Here's the outside of it with the base coat on it.

So it's drying. I feel giddy with anticipation about adding more paint and windows and moss.

Speaking of moss. I couldn't help myself and I spent some actual money on this project! (I was hoping to use only recycled and found materials). I bought some mossy goodness for the ground outside it. Here's a teaser.

Don't worry. Herne and the Petri Dish project continue. They're just on the sidelines until I get shell house and secret Estyn project done.

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steph said...

eek! i love the mossy goodness!!!