Monday, January 5, 2009

Pictures of my crafts goodness

Hello! I'm currently unemployed so I have some extra time for posting and projects. Which is a blessing and a curse!

I opened a flickr account. Here's the link. Should be able to see all my stuff. Poke me on the comments if I somehow have some blocks set up.

Here's a few pictures, as promised.

The petri dish project, after about an hour of work on it. The light isn't beautiful. It's dark and wintery in New Rochelle. It's probably about 4 inches in diameter:

That's gonna be a long term project I think. I bought a set of 4 linen napkins and decided to stitch on them. So this guy might have 3 sisters, depending.

The 32 flavors pieces, as a group:

You can see how the really thin scarf has a totally different color breakdown than the hat or the little arm warmer. Zoom in shots on my flickr page.

Here's a picture of the scarf and hat I made for Adam:

These are probably the nicest things I've knitted so far. I used Catalina Yarn , Chunky Baby Alpaca. It's heavenly soft and made from Alpacas. I highly recommend it! Again, zoom ins on my flickr page. That first pumpkin hat I mentioned earlier in the blog was made from the same stuff. I first found out about it from The Yarn Tree in south williamsburg, brookyln. If you're in Williamsburg, they are open late, so you can go after work! Boodely told me about them.

And a picture of the weird cowl thing I just made. Might sell this one on Etsy:

I like it alot. I took an acrylic yarn I wasn't very fond of and stitched a bunch of weird little scraps to it with my sewing machine. Then I knitted it up.

Go knitting! And embroidery!


Anyone else have projects to share?



Cynjon said...

Welcome to Flickr! Be careful, it can be *highly* addictive...I spend way too much time looking at all the eye candy there.

So, when you do embroidery, do you do "traditional" embroidery, fancy knots, stitches and all that jazz, or do you just pull the thread through however you want? (I've never learned "real" embroidery, and only done the latter)

Rose said...

I'm making it up as I go.

Occasionally I'm checking my wacky craft books and my one splurge 'craft' magazine for tips on fancy stitches. (haven't used any yet though) But yeah, mostly making it up.

A long long time ago I dabbled in cross stitch, so I guess that is sort of informing me. (It at least means I know how to take regular embroidery floss and trim it down by pulling a few strands off so it's the width and girth I want it to be to sew with. The tiny tiny stitches I'm gonna do with straight up thread but the rest I'm doing with floss.)

But I taught myself to hand sew when I was like eight or so. So I've been finding out that stitches I made up have names like 'backstitch' (, which is what all this is so far.