Friday, January 2, 2009

New crafts and petri dishes

I blame Adam for showing me cool petri dish images over a year ago. He put the germ of the idea into my head. Then I found a picture of this and thought it would make a great embroidery project:

Here is the link it's from. And here's another link to more of the same. We'll see if I go so far as to start doing a series of petri dish stitchery projects. I certainly feel the desire to do so right now. But I'm a fickle one when it comes to artsy projects so we'll see. I'll do one first and see how incredibly painful it is to make teensy petri dish art. I'm definitely feeling inspired by the wave of wacky brain art I've seen out there like this piece or definitely stuff like this.

I've been knitting madly, and have yet to post any pictures. Next post or so I promise I will. I made a hat/scarf combo for Adams holiday presents. And I made a little arm warmer and a long skinny scarf from the rest of my 32 flavors I got over at Rivulettes. It's fascinating how depending on how wide you do your rows that yarn changes dramatically. Again. I will post the pictures soon. Also I made an experimental hyperbolic knitting shape. Which I thought was a failure until I pulled the needles out in frustration and it turned into a beautiful little anemone thing. I guess I need to have more faith in instructions found online.

Of course, my crafter/artist life wouldn't be complete without at least five projects going in my head, if not in the flesh. I have received all but one now of my set of 'The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts' that I have been tracking down. (Here is a great flickr resource with a bunch of pages copied from them for you to view and oogle.) I had these books as a kid (well, they were really my mothers) and I adored them. I ran off with them when I went to college and then lost them, so I had to buy them all over again. Now that I've been a props person and a crafter and an artist for a few years, I am only now realizing how great these books are and what a fabulous resource they were/are. They are truly a gift for an artist who qualifies as a 'scanner' as Barbara Sher would call it. They cover everything from how to do macrame, embroidery, knitting, woodworking, enamel work, interior design, color theory, oh the list goes on and on and on!!!!

And of course, you get the added bonus of everything being VERY 70's. Which is actually back in style now. When I was a kid in the eighties it was all very unfashionable and ugly looking, though I loved those books anyway.

I'm missing book 22. Which as far as I can tell is the one book I really really want. It has pictures of recycling and focuses a lot on the nineteen seventies conservation and recycling movement. I remember a set of pictures of a house built entirely of recycled materials.

But I still have the book that shows you how to make giant lamps out of clay, and how to make fringed blue suede leather jackets. Unfortunately they're really hard to search in any semblance of an order. They appear to be a collection of magazines which were republished as a set of encylopedias, given the way the articles line up. They have an embroidery lesson 1 and an embroidery lesson 5, but to get from one to the other in order you just have to flip through the books or scan every single books table of contents. There's no easy reference. Sigh.

Can't have everything.

Hmmmmm. Embroidery. Off to it then!


zukzuk said...

Congratulations Rose! Great news on the engagement and happy 2009 and so forth.

You've certainly made this year one to remember! And now, insanely intricate embroidery too. Would you seriously tackle something as detailed as that?! I'm impressed and confused!

Very happy for you.

machinarex said...

I hope you're less fickle than I am, because a series of embroidered petri dishes would be *very* cool!

Thanks for all the linkage, btw!

Rose said...

Thanks guys! :D

steph said...

hey rose- i am so excited to see what you made with the rest of that yarn. i know what you mean about having like 352 projects all going at once. it gets kindof outta hand. i am loving that petri dish embroidery idea. keep us posted on how that develops.