Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mood swings

So I was sick.

I spent yesterday feeling sick.

But I'm healthy again now!


I'm having mood swings again.

No news to my old friends I'm sure.

I'm feeling wildly happy and ready to do or make anything some days.

And other days I'm feeling really down. I question my recent job-a-roo switcharound. (Significant pay difference is scaring my checkbook). I question whether my art is worthwhile. I question my lack of physical community.

It's supposedly the life and times of the artist right? To have these mood swings? Centered on yourself and your needs?

It doesn't feel very zen or anything, to be obsessing about myself. And obsessing about my art (which is really just an extension of myself, really).

But I am.

Trying to stay on the bright side of life. Monty Python style.

To cheer myself up, I will tell you about my latest adventure in making stuff:

I am making great progress on the shell house I am making. It's a before work/after work sort of project.

I decided that my Pippi Ursabob, by Kitlane, needed a house. I love making little scale models so it sounded like a good project in between making petri dishes and a paper mache herne the hunter. (Do I have too many projects going on?)

Here is the sketch:

It's blurry but you get the idea. I decided that most types of 'bobs' probably don't really build their houses. They probably use found objects that might be found in a garden or a fairy circle. And then they alter them to suit their needs.

So why not a big beautiful shell for a house? They could carve little windows into it, and it could have moss growing on it. I sold myself on the idea as soon as it came to me. Definitely helped by the inspiration found in lichen over at sweetie pie press. I will make there be moss or something growing on my shell house when it is finito, I swear!

Here is the beginnings of the house. You can see Pippi standing there for scale.

You can see it already wants a hobbit hole style door. And I'm thinking it will be inspired heavily by the moomin house, with or without my conscious intention.

I made a cardboard skeleton. I have been paper-mache-ing onto that little cardboard sketch. I have no current pictures of the horrid mound of newspaper and tissue paper that it has become so far. But I will post some when it gets a bit further along. It's getting a bit bigger than I had originally planned. But maybe that's ok since one day I would like Pippi to have more friends from the same lovely world.

The idea is a bit more complicated than this, since I want a hollow house. My plan is to perfect the outer shape by many many layers of paper mache. Then I will cover it with vaseline or something (after it's dry). Then I will paper mache more onto that. Then I should be able to cut off the new layer of paper mache from the old, and have a hollow form, just a tad bigger than the final thick heavy one.

I'm crossing my fingers, but I think it will work. I will probably need to cut off the second layer, but that's ok since I want the house to split in two so you can open it up to play with the bobs in their house.

I can't wait to paint it and furnish it!

But I have to finish it first.

Sometimes you can't worry about bills. You just need to make stuff.

And making stuff makes me feel better. Makes me feel like I'm doing things right.

I can't really explain it to my logical side, but my artist side understands. And I think she's the one that needs to be calling the shots for a little while.

I'm trying to grow out of a phase of my life, and I think a bit of poverty and scrimping will be ok as long as I'm growing properly. Growing into the new Rose. Hopefully a better Rose.

That's the plan anyway.

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