Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling better, and out of the house

I got myself out of the house on Friday. Shopping and swatching for a secret project that I'm doing on the side.

Which reminds me. Here's a self plug if I ever heard one. If anyone loves fabrics, ribbons or other weird things from New York City I am available hourly to swatch for you or actually purchase things and send them to you. I've been swatching and shopping as a props person in NYC for around three years now, and can really do the rounds quickly, getting to some fabulous stores like 'Tinsel Trading Company', 'B and J', and 'N Y Elegant' to name a few. I can swatch or shop by color idea, from a pattern, or just from an idea for a project you might have. Email me if you're interested. There's some nice stuff here that's really just hard to find at your local JoAnns.

Anyway. I got out of the house on Friday, which was a godsend. Here's a photo of a nice tableau I saw when I peeked into the sky.

And I wish she had a website, I can't seem to find one, but here's a beautiful painting by Kim Gill, a great Costume Designer.

Here's a closeup.

It really made my day to see them. I particularly loved the crow, as you can see. There's a set of them on display at the aforementioned B and J. She's a brilliant painter. If I discover a link or something to her I will put it here. And if you're hanging out in the fabric district I recommend going to see them in person.

And of course, the mandatory petri dish photo below:

It's coming along nicely. But it is definitely painstaking to replicate.

And now, I leave you to the power of Mushishi. A lovely series, I recommend watching it at night, with a cup of green decaf tea.



Ricë said...

ooooh, swatch shopping sounds lovely, indeed. tinsel trading! (i was in her booth at the houston quilt show, where she had a tiny, tiny sampling) and The Fabric District! (we went to the one in LA last spring; it was totally overwhelming,and i didn't buy a thing. i wanna come along! if you go and happen to notice a price on wool/rayon blend white felt, please make a note for me (i shopped joann's in dallas and bought some to dye, but it seems kind of expensive ($8 a yard) for what it is: blend white felt. huh.

Rosemoo said...

I will definitely keep my eyes open for you! I love LOVE your blog. It keeps my heart open to the world. Or something.

I've been thinking about seeking out some wool felt or wool blend felt anyway so it will give me a good excuse to do so.


PS: And yes, Tinsel Trading is to die for.