Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well. So this last week of no posting, I have started a part-time job and managed to pull myself out of my little funk. Mostly. Hah!

I'm working at a Young Peoples bookstore a few days a week. Which is great. As a child I was pretty sure I had genetic ties to Matilda because I was an insatiable reader.

Biographical randomness:
As I started exploring my craft and arts side, I read less and less. During college I barely read at all. Since graduating I've renewed my love of books and the intensity and amount of reading I do. I did an insane amount of reading (of mostly British authors) when I lived in London for six months. I had no money and there was a great library system with a lot of fiction I had never heard of. I'm a fiction person. Some of them became instant best friends. For instance 'John Wyndham' (The Kraken Awakes and The Midwich Cuckoos being my faves).

Some weeks I can go through six or seven books. Some weeks one or two. Depends on how long they are and what they're about. I am still rereading 'Young Adult' novels that I loved as a child. I don't see why they're considered 'Young Adult'. Most of the ones I like are still great to read as an actual Adult.

Bah. Categories.

So I've got a nice little part time job, I don't get to read at work of course, but I get to draw on my book learnin's. And I'm discovering the powers of ARCs. 'Advanced Reading Copies'.

Did you know that if you work at a bookstore you may have access to books before they actually come out!? I mean, you can't hand it out to your friends or anything, and it's mostly so the store you work at will buy the books (marketing ploy), but you can read it early!

I think everyone but me knew this.

But I think it's new and fancy information!

Yes. Smile at my ignorance. It continually astonishes me and all my friends. The extent of my ignorance that is.

I'm working on some sort of bizarre cryptid sculpture. I will probably wait to post pictures until it's further along. It's based on Herne the Hunter, from 'The Dark is Rising' series by Susan Cooper. It's an interesting series. I picked up the second book recently (of the same name) and read it straight through. I had forgotten how Christian-y they are. Still good though. Just a bit heavy on the LIGHT and the DARK.

It's still at that stage where I'm not sure if I will love my little sculpture or hate it, but I must continue to make it.

It wants to be finished.


lynne h said...

i loved reading this very much... it put a big smile on my face! i had no idea about the advance books that they send to bookstores -- this job sounds very nice! (i 'see' you over at cynjon's : )

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Lynne!