Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So. It's here. I'm engaged!

Monday night I proposed on the walk home with Adam.

He said yes!

I know I'm so wily doing it, me being the woman and all. But I want it, and I decided to go for it! Though I can't take full responsibility for being cool and a fully modern woman.

At one point while discussing marriage, Adam did suggest it some months ago.

But either way!


This is us from over the summer. See how cute he is?!

How insane!

I went to say something about 'my boyfriend' today and stumbled over my words. He's 'my fiancee' now.

I'm really just tired and overwhelmed or I'd write more story about how it all went down.




MaMa said...

I give you permission to take full responsibility for being extremely cool possibly the coolest ever!
and totally modern!
Yes, we want details!

Kelda said...

Aww... yay! A wedding! Will there be a wedding?

Rose said...

We're still figured out wedding logistics. I'll announce when we hash it out. :D