Monday, December 22, 2008

Cemetery Sunday

Ran around the Kenisco Cemetery in Valhalla, NY on Sunday with Adam.

I love Cemeteries. Always have.

They have a beauty to them. Something about being so somber and quiet.

And I'm a sucker for attractive architectural details, and cemeteries are chock full of those.

All weird and pseudo neo-classical, or wacky faux egyptian. 

I particularly adore the Pere LaChaise cemetery in Paris, which I visited with Peter ages ago. You can't tell from the virtual tour so much. But walking around that cemetary is like being in a village full of teensy houses. They're all mausoleums of course though.

It was no Pere LaChaise, but the Kenisco one was nice.

We tried to wander around but it was SO cold that we just drove about. There are lots of little roundabouts. We kept going in little circles. Which was easy in our little VW Rabbit.

Of course, I knew that someone or somebody important was going to be there that I hadn't researched before we went. Lo and Behold. I went to their website. People whose graves or memorials I wish I had looked for include Danny Kaye and Sergei Rachmaninoff.

But hey. It was lovely all the same.

It still had cute little tiny houses. 

And somewhere in there was a pyramid, but we never did get close to it. I want to go back when it's not ten degrees outside and actually get close to some of these monuments.

A lot of them have those little stained glass windows behind fancy ironwork doors. 

I love the little houses! Can you tell?



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