Sunday, November 30, 2008

More bears

I meant to talk about this piece when I wrote about little Orange-ee the bean bear, but I was so busy I forgot!

It's fun and exciting! I got a fabulous print of voila!

The fabulous Masked Bear! There was some initial heartache, but Bear came in the mail and is making me very very happy. I heartily recommend the fabulous stylings of the Zukzuk artiste Helen. So very good!

I have loved bears for quite a long time. In fact, my primo best friend as a child was aptly named 'Beary'. And he is still with me. To this day. Sometimes he even sleeps in the bed, though mostly he sits with the other animals on a shelf lately.

He doesn't mind.

Bears are sweet, but in person maybe a bit scary. We went to the Bronx zoo and saw a for real brown bear last wednesday. They're large and sort of scary. And we saw a polar bear. It was eating some animal that had fallen into its area. I think it was a possum. Not very pleasant.

But! There's always the 'Bears Upstairs'. I loved that story as a child. Bears! Living in a hotel! How crazy is that? I just looked them up. I guess it's out of print. It's by Dorothy Haas. I forgot that they're from the planet Bruin. I sort of want to read it again. I remember loving it as a kid. It's available used online. Here's a link to a photo of the cover that I remember as a child. So great.






zukzuk said...

Bears are ace but I definitely would not want to meet one in the wild. Can you imagine?!

Actually I did have a close encounter once when I was camping, I didn't get to see it as I was in a tent but I did get to discover that I can't move when in a terrifying situation. I guess that's more or less appropriate for a bear encounter but I would like to think that my body might have given me the option of flight; I certainly wasn't ready to fight but just the third option "jellyfish mode" was a bit of a let down.

And why did these large, wild, potentially-interested-in-eating-you animals end up as the cuddly characters we take to bed with us anyway?

Did I mention bears are ace?

Rose said...

I blame Teddy Roosevelt. I'm pretty sure teddy bears are all his fault. At least, that's what I remember learning when I was nine or something. Could it be my juvenile memories are wrong?

Ace indeed.


I still love my cuddly carnivores. Maybe next bear I make should have some blood around his mouth for emphasis.

Or maybe jam, not blood. Less scary.

MaMa said...

Yes, it was Teddy Roosevelt who started the Teddy bear thingie..he actually stopped a baby bear from being terminated (maybe he had terminated the MoM first?)and then there was a political cartoon made about it...then can guess the rest...capitalism bloomed and "Teddy"bears were made ...