Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Leaves

In love with the fall leaves this time of year. Amazingly, they're still here. Often times lately it feels like we get a harsh frost that takes all our leaves away, and then there still isn't snow for ages and ages.

But this fall, we are blessed with leaves.

I am slightly obsessed with the idea of making a blanket covered with fabric leaves, but have yet to actually start that project. I know it's at least a year long endeavor, and it's hard to start projects like that without feeling a bit of worry that you'll never get around to finishing them. Though I have yet to have a project I can work on whenever I want, and that would make a good one.

I really love living in the northeast of Northern America. The seasons, the weather, it is all quite agreeable to me. I even like the cold icky winters. Though they do get tiresome after awhile. 

I'm excited to make butternut squash soup, or pumpkin cupcakes soon. Something fall and exciting and orange.

I knitted my first hat and finished it yesterday. It's a lovely pumpkin orange, made from Baby Alpaca Wool. I'm on a mission to only use recycled or hand crafted items in my work, but sometimes a bit of fancy wool is hard to pass up.

I have been craving Daniel Pinkwater (correction, ed note, I realize I meant Bruce Degen!!!! Pinkwater is the writer from Wuggie Norple. Must have been on my brain.) books lately. I might have to go on a shopping spree and pickup some Magic School Bus books or something. His art is so cheerful and exciting. Makes me want to be five again and play on the playground.

I aspire to Ms.Frizzledom. Though maybe not as magical. She may be a super teacher, but sometimes the hijinks's she gets her students into are a little scary!

Leaves, fall. 

The Japanese Maple outside our house turned bright red and then abruptly dropped almost all its leaves. It has a magic red carpet lying under it. I love dead leaves lying on the ground. Why does everyone obsess about raking them? I think they look lovely just where they are.


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