Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue blah


Feeling a bit blue today.

Been having anxiety dreams lately. For the last week or so I guess.

I picked up 'The Rhinoceros' by Ionesco yesterday at the library. I'm excited to finally read it, but in the middle of a mad knitting project so I'm not sure when I will get to it. I feel like it's probably on my wavelength right about now.

I'm pretty lucky that way. I have a tendency to find the books I need right when I need them. I guess on the train tomorrow morning I'll have to listen to the call of the text and jump in.

I've strangely also had an incredibly overactive imagination lately. Just full of ideas for new creatures and things to make. Not enough time, ever, to make them all. Not even to sketch out all the plans. 

One day.

I was walking down a strange subway tunnel this evening, on my commute home, and there was a sweet little group of kids and young teenage things singing/humming. It was almost a religious sound, but it wasn't really christian or any other sort of religion. It was kind of like a hummed/partially sung scale of sounds. It was really lovely. I wanted to stay and listen but stopping in a fluorescent lit tunnel of cranky NYC commuters wasn't up my alley at that moment. But it was a nice moment.

For all that this city can get to me, there are always little bits of almost every day like that. Something pleasant and sweet, that you would only find in a big city.

Missing something key in my life right now. I think it might be other creatives. They're here, on the internet, in the blog and etsy world. But I think I need to join a craft group or something and actually, physically, meet with some more creatives. 

Need the physicality of people.


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