Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bear bears

This is Orangee the bean bear. He's very cute. Visit him at my etsy shop if you love him as much as I do!

I am feeling much better. Orange versus Blue. There's a lot of change happening in my life right now, and I'm excited for it. It's scary, but exciting.

I am changing jobs, and very happy to be doing something new. More on that soon. Right now my work involves me helping to make sure the people who are replacing me are up to speed and ready to go for next year.

In other news, right now me and the monkey man are cleaning the house and doing dishes and restocking our pantry because my little sister is visiting. She arrives tonight!

I am finally at a point in my life when I was A: living right near NYC, and B: could afford to bring my California bound sister to visit (I bought the ticket, roundtrip sadly). And of course, C: she's the right age (teenager) for visiting on her own!

All good things. And who as a teenager didn't want to visit NYC to visit with their slightly older nifty sister?

So I'm excited to host her here with us two for a week. We'll do fun thanksgiving adventures and maybe I will get to show her backstage at a show or two I've worked on (have to ask first though). And we'll visit the relatives up in Connecticut that are only two hours away but we never visit. :(

More other news:

I knit a hat from the yarn I bought at Rivulettes Etsy Shop but I haven't had time to post a picture. Soon it will be forthcoming. Turns out that 32 flavors is a really bizarre yarn to make a hat with. But really really nifty. I'm thinking about making some mini leg warmers or arm warmers with the other skein.

Ooops. Time to do dishes. More postings soon.


zukzuk said...

It's YOU! You beat me to 32 flavours!! Just goes to show you can't hum and haw when it comes to Etsy.

I need to see your hat!

Show me your hat and I'll show you my fuggly sock!

Lovely bear, I like orange bears.

Have a wonderful, sistery 2 weeks.

Kelda said...

Aww, that's so cool. You guys have fun.

Rose said...

Lol! I totally bought that flavor yarn because you linked to her! You brought yourself down!

I will post picture I promises!

Sister is here, and she does indeed like bluberry pancakes. Who could ask for more?