Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Actual Post this time


Time to make an actual post!

I have liberated myself from Yahoo 360 and moved on to the 'Blogger'. It sounds like an ominous name. Maybe a villain from an 80's console game?

Blogger attacks you. Do you:

A: Block, turn to page 60
B: Attack, turn to page 34
C: Run away and hide, turn to page 45

Oh. I guess that's more like a 'Choose your own adventure' reference. Either way I suppose.

So I have graduated from the horror of the 360. Too many degrees available if you ask me.

Yesterday I saw a skunk eating catfood on a neighbors porch. It was large and ominous, like the Blogger. 

Beware Blogger!

Clearly I'm tired. I will post something more cohesive soon.



zukzuk said...

A-ha! Rosemoo has succumbed to Blogger.

Each time you log in, small chunks of your brain come away and dissolve into your bloodstream. Now that's what it's really about!

Posts become sparse and incoherent, you start taking pictures of flowers which you consider postworthy. You stay up late at night.

Other people read these posts and bits of their brains come away and dissolve into their bloodstream. With their reduced brain mass they suddenly think that creating a blog would be a good idea...

It's a plot by, by... Argh! Not enough brainpower...

Welcome aboard.

Rose said...


The evil!


I relish the thought that I am a brain slug monkey now.