Tuesday, November 25, 2008

32 flavors hat

I did it! I took photos of both the sister and the fabulous hat at once! This is her wearing the hat at Kenisco Dam. Yay for nifty dams in Westchester County! They're pretty.

Here's another photo. For those of you who want closeup goodness. She is a very good little model. You can tell it was really really cold. Just standing still was difficult in the cold.

The colors on my monitor look a little muted. This is one heckuva colorful hat! I really do think the other skein may be a good arm warmer or leg warmer combo with this hat.

So yes. Go to Rivulette's shop and buy more yarn from her! She does have one skein of this left last I checked. It will make a hat a bit bigger than this size! I have a bit left over from that first skein still.

So we have a sister in the house. She seems happy to be running around NYC while me and the mate are off at work. She has discovered St. Marks place. And last night I took her to Williamsburg near where I work so she could experience the bizarre hipster restaurant which is 'Sea'. Thai wackiness. It feels like you're in a posh club/warehouse with cool lights and techno music playing. And the food is really really good.

Today she promises me she will go see Chinatown. I hope she likes it. 

Off to work!


zukzuk said...


So pleased to hear you are having a lovely time with your sister. So pleased to see the hat! Especially grateful for the closeup goodness.

That yarn is darn amazing. I just bought something from Rivulettecraft - could I justify yet another purchase?!!!!

steph said...

wow! that hat turned out wonderfully! I am so pleased to see my yarn in its new incarnation. Thanks so much for posting this, Rose!